Holiday Album “When You Wish”

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My first recorded creation and what better way to do it than to celebrate a time that takes us to a moment where we stop and appreciate the love in our lives. A moment where we allow all else to fade and we lose ourselves in the laughter, sharing, thoughtfulness and reflection.

To those of you along the way who have helped bring me to this place, you hold special meaning in my life. My family, who are a constant love and understanding. Friends who have and continue to be in my life as much as I need them. New friends who have touched my life unexpectedly and others who have surprised and affected me in an instant.

My life would not be as rich without my close and extended four legged pack who are pure joy and know just how to lift my soul. Who remind me how to love unconditionally and to make the most of the moment.

I appreciate and cherish you all.